Our Team

Justin Elder

Director of Development

I'm very glad to be here as your new Director of Development. My wife, Hannah, daughter, Maria, and I moved to Kansas City from Seattle last November to be closer to family. Hannah's brother and sister live two blocks away from us, and my parents and brother live up in Iowa. In Seattle, I was an estate planning attorney where I discovered a passion for helping people decide where and how to be generous with their resources.

What drew me to Asbury was your history of generosity and your welcoming of all people to your church. Asbury is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the Christian community as American Christianity goes through a period of transformation. The faith communities that will remain vibrant and relevant in the 21st century are the ones, like Asbury, that extend welcome to all and are committed to using what they have to help those Christ called "the least of these."

One thing that particularly stood out to me while learning about Asbury was the opening of the building to families experiencing homelessness. That combination of vulnerability and generosity is a beacon of God's love. I am excited to be part of the Asbury community and look forward to working together with you to further our mission.

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