Asbury Children's Center Staff

Ann Porter - Director

Ann has 20+ years of experience in the field of early childhood education.  She holds a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Pittsburg State University.  Previous work experience includes 6 years as a director at a Christian early learning center, having served as its assistant director for 7 years prior to that.  When not shaping the lives of children at the ACC, Ann loves to spend time and camping with her husband and two sons.

Andrea K. - Assistant Director

Andi has been with Asbury since 2018.  She chooses to work with children because she loves witnessing the authentic pride they find in their accomplishments.  She intends to acquire a business degree and open her own childcare center in the future.  Her other passions include spending time with friends, collecting plants, and drinking way too much coffee.

John F. - Administrative Assistant

John has been working at the Asbury Children's Center since 1998.  He graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor's Degree in History.  He has the opportunity to watch the children grow from kindergarten to 6th grade.  John sees the knowledge they gain, the creativity they bring, and the fun they have, which makes his job exciting and rewarding every day!

Yvette F. - Lead Teacher, Infant Classroom 

Yvette has an Early Childhood Education Degree from the University of Kansas.  She has been with Asbury since 2009, but has been in childcare for more than 20 years.  While she loves interacting with children of all ages, she especially loves working with infants.  Yvette has been married for 20+ years.  She and her husband have two sons and one daughter.  One of her favorite pastimes is cheering for the Jayhawks, and spending time with her family!

Martha P. – Assistant Teacher, Infant Classroom

Martha has worked with Early Childhood students for over ten years and has been with Asbury since 2014.  She is working on her AA in Early Childhood Education at KCKCC, and loves working with the infants in the ACC!

Dianne P. - Assistant Teacher, Infant Classroom

Dianne comes to the ACC after working 13 years at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.  She retired from there to spend more time with her family, especially her grandchildren!  She loves working with children and seeing their precious smiles!

Leslie L. - Assistant Teacher, Infant Classroom

Leslie has been working with children in varying capacities since high school.  She says these experiences made it clear that she wanted to continue working with kids in the future.  Her favorite part of working with children is the joy and laughter they bring to her day.  Leslie spends her free time reading, writing, spending time with family and friends, and going for a run when she gets the chance.  Her future goals include finishing her degree and expanding her knowledge in the world of education.

Emily P. - Lead Teacher, Toddler Classroom 

Emily has been with Asbury for about a year now.  Her daughter, Briley, who is now in middle school, attended Asbury when she was younger.  Emily fell in love with Asbury when her daughter was here and always felt like she was loved and well-cared for.  She loves all the children and enjoys watching them grow and having fun with them while learning.  She is extremely grateful to be able to care for the children and gets great joy out of it.  Emily enjoys reading books, spending time with her family, and watching her daughter do gymnastics and volleyball.

Gabi F. - Assistant Teacher, Toddler Classroom 

Gabi has been around kids her whole life, so she knew Asbury would be a perfect fit for her.  She loves watching the toddlers learn through play and seeing their personalities develop over the year.  Her hobbies include painting, buying new shoes, and spending time with her friends and family.

Kristin W. - Assistant Teacher, Toddler Classroom

Kristin has been working with various age groups since high school, and enjoys making an impact in their lives!  She loves making connections with children and watching them accomplish new things.  Kristin's goal is to become an elementary school teacher.

Katie L. - Lead Teacher, 2.5-3.5 Yr. Old Classroom 

Katie enjoys music, art, traveling, and working at the Asbury Children's Center.  She finds working with the children very fulfilling and full of fun.  Katie has been working at the Asbury Children's Center since 2004, and she hopes to continue working with children for years to come.

Alyssa G. - Assistant Teacher, 2.5-3.5 Yr. Old Classroom

Alyssa has 13 years of childcare experience and has been with Asbury since 2019.  She enjoys working with kids because they remind her every day how exciting and amazing the world can be.  She loves that no day is ever the same.  Alyssa is also extremely fond of spending time with her two children and extended family.

Madeline S. - Assistant Teacher, 2.5-3.5 Yr. Old Classroom

Madeline received her Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Kansas State University, but realized that teaching was her passion.  She is currently completing her Master's in Elementary Education from Kansas State University and hopes to become an elementary school teacher next year.  She has worked at Asbury since May 2022, and has loved every second of it.  She loves working with the two year olds every day, and loves the relationships she has built with all of the children at ACC!

Amanda C. - Lead Teacher, 3-4 Yr. Old Classroom

Amanda just moved to Missouri from Texas in January.  She has worked with kids for the past 8 years, and loves what she does because she enjoys making an impact on the kids.  Amanda believes early childhood teachers help set the foundation for kids as they grow, and loves making learning fun.  Amanda is currently studying to be a child and adolescent psychologist.  Her goal is to finish her degree, and open her own practice.  She loves reading, singing, learning new languages, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Alex D. - Lead Teacher, Pre-K Classroom

Alex believes that her time at Asbury has changed her life trajectory.  She now plans to obtain an elementary education degree because of the love she has developed for teaching since her hire in 2018.  Alex loves encouraging and helping children reach their potential.  They continually amaze her with their capabilities.  Alex also enjoys caring for her plants, drawing, painting, and crafting.

Emily C. - Lead Teacher, Kindergarten

Emily has worked with children in various roles over the last five years.  She has previous childcare experience and spent time working as a nanny.  She had been working in a local community caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities most recently.  Emily is drawn to the creativity of children and loves how they dream big.  In her spare time, you can find her hanging out with her dog, Milo, taking care of her plants, or playing guitar.

Jessica S. - Lead Teacher, Mixed Age Classroom

Jessica has been in childcare since 2020 and has a daughter of her own.  She is currently in college working to obtain a degree in child counseling.  Jessica's favorite thing about working with children is being part of their journey and making a lasting positive impact in their lives.  Jessica also serves in the kids' area at her church, and enjoys decorating and outdoor activities.

Tammy G. - Assistant Teacher, All Rooms

Tammy is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Chloe.  Sophie wants to be a graphic designer and Chloe a pre-school teacher like her mother.  Tammy has been in the Early Childhood field for more than 25 years and takes great pride in being a pre-school teacher.  She is currently attending KCKCC for a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Tammy believes this is an important stage of these children's lives and is honored to be a part of their lives.

Kasaundra S. - Assistant Teacher, All Rooms

Kasaundra has been around kids her entire life.  By the age of four, she learned how to change a diaper, make and check the temp of a bottle, and how to burp a baby, as well as all the basics & essentials of caring for an infant (which was her newborn cousin at the time).  Kasaundra has always loved kids and has a very strong maternal instinct.  She wants to help shape and mold them into becoming good, kind-hearted adults.  And hopefully one day, she'll have kids of her own!  In her free time, Kasaundra likes to write, arm knit, bake, and sing!

Jamie Y. - Lead Teacher, After School Care - 1st & 2nd Grade

Jamie has been working with children of various ages since 1996, and has been with us here at Asbury since 2000.  She also leads the ACC's Music & Movement program.  While she enjoys many aspects of working with children, she really loves to see their faces light up when they accomplish a skill that they have worked on so diligently.

Lori M. - Cook

Lori is the cook at Asbury, and she aims to please the little ones by preparing nutrient-rich meals and snacks, as they are a key part of optimal growth and development in young children.  Lori has been working with children for more than 24 years, and has won multiple awards for Teacher of the Year.

Lori is a mother of three - aged 25, 23, and 13, and she also has one grandson.  In her free time she enjoys wine tastings, painting, drawing, baking, and oh - more wine tastings!

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