The Martha Leighton Children's Center at Asbury UMC provides infant, toddler, and school-age childcare year-round. 

The Asbury Children’s Center program honors the memory of Martha Leighton, elementary school teacher and member of Asbury United Methodist Church. Martha’s philosophy was “be good to each other and care for those who are different.” Martha’s dedication and love of children inspired our commitment to this program. Our hope is that we can continue her spirit of dedication and excellence in child care through our operation of the Children’s Center.
To teach respect for others, problem-solving skills, and age-appropriate concepts, while encouraging creativity and individuality in a Christian environment.
Operating Philosophy: Each child is an individual with different sizes, shapes, color, interests and abilities.  ACC strives to respect these differences, allowing each child to explore his or her very own place in this world.  ACC does not have a mold to attempt to make each child in the same image as another.  Rather, we celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and the wonder of childhood, and provide all of our children with love and nurturing.  We value each of our children and hope to instill in them qualities that will take them through life with the ease and happiness that all children deserve.
 Our programming provides a variety of experiences to guide the child:
- To develop an understanding of themselves within the world.
- To work as an individual and with a group
- to improve attitudes and habits of thinking.
- towards acquiring skills and information for solving situations in everyday life.

Current Openings

Email Director Ann Porter at
After School Care - Available as of January 1, 2018. 
Bus pick up from Corinth, Sante Fe, Tomahawk, Briarwood, and Belinda Elementary schools. 
Enrollment and Fees
Enrollment Fee: $150 for each child enrolling. Paid at enrollment. 
Transportation Fee: $150 annual transportation fee for After School Care students during the school year from the elementary schools the ACC serves.
Infant Classroom
Toddler Classroom
2 to 3 year-old Classroom
3 to 4.5 year-old Classroom
Mixed Age Classroom
Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
After School Care
(9.5 months per year)
Above tuition rates are effective January 1, 2019.
After School Care - Summer Care
  • Note: 
    Summer tuition and care starts at the end of the Shawnee Mission School District calendar.  Summer care ends and regular tuition resumes when Shawnee Mission School Districts resume in the fall.
Asbury Children Center 
Main Phone: 913.677.5008
Asbury United Methodist Church 
5400 W. 75th St. 
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