Prayers of Joy and Concern

updated January 30, 2023

asbury Members:

Marcia Beardsley Carolyn Harris Janet Lawson Linda Stinnett
Bob Dalton John Hollenbeck Ken Mai Susan Strongman
Bob Douglas Anita Johnson Kyle Mai Ken Vaughn
Pam Fish Bill Jones Stephanie Noland Pearl Wehrman
Wanda Gray Sallie Jones Shad Sanders Cal Wiebe
Dot Hager Marilyn Kimmi Jane Stafford

serving in the military
Zachary Bass, son of Nancy Proffitt
Simon van Boenig, cousin of Lee Cross
Paul Cross, brother of Lee Cross
Christian Horr, friend of Scott DuPree
Joshua Stone, nephew of Steve Trenholm

family and friends - ongoing prayer requests
Martha Allee, daughter of Ann Ford; Jack Allen, friend of Katherine and Darrell Newman; Helen Asbury, mother of Aimee Starks; Greg and Michelle Asher, brother and sister-in-law of Tammy Sevart; August Baker, friend of Char & Ken Keith; Dee Jay Bell, brother of Janice Carter; Oleg, Raisa, and the Bliznyuk Family, family of Kay Richter; David Boehm, brother of Danna Boehm; Dick and Linda Boerger, friends of Dot and Milan Johnson; Dennis and Anne Bryant, former Asbury members; Martha and Gene Burt, friends of Sally Day; Marlena Caldwell, friend of Denise Griffey; Sarah Chamberlain, friend of Barb Frye; Dave Cheezem, friend of Sara and Mark Whelan; Kathy Cheney, friend of Barb Frye; Richard Collett, family member of Marilyn Wallace; Karla Conners, aunt of Sallie Jones; Susan Cox-Bullington, sister of Sallie Jones; Clark Credl, friend of Barb Frye; Jean Cummings, family member of Phyllis Curtis; Mallory Daniel, Jean Crum's daughter-in-law; Esther Inbody Dawson, daughter of Gloria Inbody; Janet DeKosky, mother of Vanessa Watkins; Shaylah DeMeire, family member of the VanVonderen family; Trish DeSandro, daughter of Katherine & Darrell Newman, and a niece of Bruce & Sharon Newman; Lori Duning, friend of Beth Bock; Alex Ford, friend of the Taylor family; Harry Fuller, uncle of Mike Preston; Gerald, friend of Elaine Minden; Brandy Goeschel, family member of Sara and Mark Whelan; Pashince Guerra, friend of Sallie Jones; JoAnne Guggenheim, friend of Sallie Jones; Marcie Harness, daughter-in-law of Beverly Harness; Glenn Harrington, friend of Sallie Jones; John Hines, friend of Leon Langlitz; Laura Hoeting, daughter-in-law of Ann Ford; Violet Huey, friend of Sallie Jones; Gapboon Hwang, mother of Jinhee Han; Kenson Jones, Lainey & Levi, friends of Sallie Jones; Meagan Jones, daughter of Sallie Jones; Diane Kelly, friend of Paula Blood; Linda Kennedy, friend of Steve Gass and Jeff Bright; Pattie Kincaid, friend of Sallie Jones; Anne Kling, mother-in-law of Jean Kling; Lisa Lang, mother of Lindsey Lang and Andrew Lang; Pat Lee, family friend of Erin Nielsen; Family of Elizabeth Lytle, friends of Sally Day; Lee Marlin, friend of Deb and Bill Vest; Laura Robertson Martin, Olivia, and Emmaline, friends of Suzanne Doris; Randy Marzen, cousin of Erin Major; Jarrid Matthews, friend of Sallie Jones; Susan McCarty, friend of Char Keith; Charlotte Mitchell, friend of Sallie Jones; Terri Morris, mother of J.A. Morris III; Dennis Neal, brother of Dan Neal; Jim Nemmers, uncle of Chelsea Stiles; Roger Neuf, friend of Joan and Phil Brown; Rodney Nielsen, uncle of Erin Nielsen; Nina, friend of Anita Able; Ron Parker, friend of Dan and Marian Neal; Ali Perez, cousin of Sallie Jones; Jane Peterson, aunt of Tricia Rasmussen; Bob Phillips, friend of Bill Vest; Kim Phillips, niece of Don and Janice Hrabik; Chris and Kathy Pickering, friends of Elaine Hostetler; Steve Pinkal, cousin of Joyce Borger; Larry Rabon, cousin of Bonnie Ruwart and Sally Day; Bill Rall, brother-in-law of Margie Pryor; Marie Ramsburg, daughter-in-law of Darrell Ramsburg; Kevin Richwine, friend of Sallie Jones; Lisle Rose, brother-in-law of Ann Ford; Richard Rosen and family, friends of Scott DuPree; Russell, son of Angela Hughes; Denise Sakoski, cousin of Vanessa Watkins; Debbie and Ed Samyn and family, friends of Stephanie Noland; Ann and Bill Sayler, friends of Walt Vernon; Al Schaffer, brother of Ray Schaffer; Daisy Shaw, friend of Christina Acosta; Tom Sims, father of Jill Moore; Vic Sincock, family of Vanessa Watkins; Rodney Smith, family member of Abby Tate; Kyle Starr, friend of Darrell Newman; Kileigh Stone, niece of Steve Trenholm; Mark Stoneberger and the orphans he supports in Uganda; Janice Strongman, sister-in-law of Susan and Tom Strongman; Kathy Tatom, friend of Ann Ford; Jane Tawney, family member of Mark and Sara Whelan; Tod, friend of Anita Able; Family and Friends of Kevin Traynor, family friend of Carolyn Harris; Liana Tubb, aunt of Sallie Jones; Jim Turner, husband of Laurie Turner; Michelle Vanderweide, friend of Joy Jones; Jeff VanVonderen, grandfather of Oliver VanVonderen; Pete Vielhauer, father of Ann Porter; Scott "Scooter" Ward, friend of John Ballard; Alan Webster, friend of Sallie Jones; Bev Weitzenkamp, mother of Ann Harding; Stan Whitfill, friend of Sallie Jones; Janet Williams, friend of Guy Marchand; Connie Wolfs, friend of Sallie Jones; Justin Wurtlin, grandson of Armond & Pat Wurtlin; Zav, great-grandson of Guy Marchand; Andrew Zoppo, friend of Sallie Jones.

Please keep those on the confidential list in your prayers as well.

You may reach
Rev. Jeff Prothro
 with any pastoral care needs at 316.214.0144,
or Rev. Daekyung Kim with any pastoral care needs at 913.325.7258.
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