United Methodist Women

The organized unit of United Methodist Women (UMW) shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and experience freedom as a whole person through Jesus Christ to develop a creative, supportive fellowship and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

The UMW organization is dedicated to missions for women, children, and youth through faith, hope, and love in action.  We provide fellowship, education, and mission opportunities on local, national, and international levels.  UMW has over 150 years of helping others.

Asbury has Circles and interest groups.  ALL are invited to join a Circle, interest group, or both and become a UMW member.  Currently, due to COVID-19, some Circles may be having hybrid meetings, using Zoom.  Each of their schedules is listed below.  Also, you can download the UMW brochure if you would like more information:  Click Here for UMW Brochure

  • Lydia Circle meets at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of the month, usually in the Parlor.  They share fellowship, spiritual growth, and current topics like climate-just energy for all, as well as service projects.

  • Martha Circle meets at 10:00 am on the third Thursday of the month in Room 208 for fellowship, study, and service projects. 

  • Sarah Circle meets at 4:30 - 5:30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month in the Parlor and on Zoom (hybrid format).  Along with fellowship, they are involved with fitness, devotions, and more.

Special Interest groups include:

  • Days for Girls:  aims to empower women by providing sustainable, reusable feminine hygiene products.  In many areas of our national and global communities, women are excluded from the educational system and the workforce when they are menstruating.  Asbury has joined in making sustainable menstruation kits in an effort to support the independence, confidence, and safety of young women everywhere.

  • Care Mats:  making mats for the homeless out of plastic bags

  • Reading Group:  read and discuss books on the UMW reading list and other books

  • Prayer Shawls:  making shawls for those who may need comfort

UMW sponsors events for the whole church, including three annual General Gatherings.  In addition, we have sponsored Valentine Fest, ice cream socials, bingo, and our annual Soup Fest and Nut Sale.  We use pledges to help global and local missions, including ones here at Asbury.

If you would like more information about joining, please email UMW Membership Chairperson Judy Taylor at 816.527.3005 or .  Also, we welcome you to fill out our contact form below or download our Asbury UMW brochure here:  Click Here for UMW Brochure.  It will give you details on who to contact for different things.

Have any questions about UMW or are you interested in joining?  Please fill out the contact form below!

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